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Why should I learn self defence?

Why should I learn self defence?

February 05, 2018

Self defence training should be a priority for everyone and even more so, women. The basic need of self protection can not quite be provided by a security camera, the download of a safety app, calling the police or hoping another male will be in your presence at the right time - which is how many women seem to think.


According to the Criminal Victimisation Bulletin, 1 in 3 women in Australia will experience sexual assault in their life time, with 80% of these attacks involving someone known to the individual. After reading a shocking statistic like the one above, many will feel uncomfortable yet continue to shrug it off and hope that they are never confronted with one of these situations; they will completely push it to the back of their minds.


Now, learning Proper Self Defence.

No, I don't mean spinning back elbows or round kicks. I'm talking, what do you do if you're grabbed from behind? Pinned against the wall or down on the floor? How do you talk your way out of a confronting situation? Despite every situation being different, learning self defence can build strength, power, resilience and self-confidence as well as new knowledge and skill surrounding street awareness and personal safety.


Why You Should Make Learning Self Defence Your Priority?

  • Anything can happen to anyone at anytime - that is the harsh reality and being naive wont help you when you need it.
  • It will make you realise how 'just punch him in the face' may not actually 'just' work.
  • Become empowered - I don't use the word 'victim' when I teach because I don't like that mindset. We can look at it as self defence or ATTACKING the attacker?
  • Get out of your comfort zone and build your confidence.
  • It's LIFE INSURANCE - You pay for insurance for your car, house, belongings but what about something that can truly save your life?
  • Set an example - You tell your daughter they can be anything they want, how about SAFE and AWARE? 

Stay safe & stay aware.


Females Fighting Forward offers private tuition, seminars and courses in our women's self defence program - contact us to find out more.