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Females Fighting Forward | Adelaide based Kickboxing, Female Muay Thai & Self Defence Classes & Semi



Self Defence and Anti-abduction

Our Self defence and anti-abduction programs cover a variety of situations most common to women and children in Australia. These workshops aim to teach basic and practical self defence that aim to build confidence and improve street awareness.


We cover a wide range of situations from the basics right up to more focused situation training. Our seminars cover situations such as rape, car abductions, talking your way out of uncomfortable situations where an attack is possible and how to get out of particular attacks including being grabbed by the wrist or hair, being choked or pinned against a wall. 


Our seminars aim to take women out of their comfort zone and into confronting yet real situations. We use trained male instructors as our attackers as well as a FIST man suit (used by the F.B.I) to engage in full contact activities. 


Programs can cover

  Basic self defence techniques

  Rape situations

  Car abductions

  Gang situations

  Dealing with adrenalin and fear

  How to neutralise an attacker

  Awareness of your surroundings

  Weapon attached & threats (knife & gun)

  Helping increase street awareness

  Risk situation assessment 



Muay Thai Classes

Our Muay Thai classes are held on Mondays & Thursdays at 7:30pm at Boars Martial Arts. These classes are for females of all ages, skill, experience and fitness levels.

A FREE TRIAL is available with no prior experience required.


Our training is based solely around traditional thai technique and fight style training. Our classes incorporate pad work, partner drills, sparring, bag work, grappling and strength and conditioning training. We welcome all females training for weight loss, strength & confidence building and also those looking to compete.


Private sessions are available for all styles of training by appointment. Programs are available for one on one training, small group sessions and larger groups such as schools, sporting clubs and organisations.



Programs can cover

  Teach you correct and traditional technique

  Develop your skills 

  Involve you in the sport

  Increase your confidence

  Improve your overall fitness (agility, coordination, strength)

  Allow you to meet and train with other motivated women